Hello! First of all, thanks for taking the time to know something about who owns this blog. *wink* *wink*
It took me a lot of thinking before I wrote this. It’s just pretty hard when people ask me to describe myself. My mind kept blabbing until nothing comes out of my mouth. Well, just the basics first, my name’s Angelica, but I’d like most people to call me AA or Ey. I’m a Filipina Electronics Engineer working a 9 to 6 job. There are so many things that interest my thirsty brain and if I would describe myself in one word, I’m a polyhobbyist. That word does not exist. I just invented it hehe. Well a hobbyist is a person who’s interested in an activity as a hobby. And with me being so fascinated with so many things, I affixed “poly” to that word to describe my love for so many hobbies. Wanna know more? Keep scrolling.

Why I love to travel?

I try to battle my introvert self through travelling. And I must say, it’s not easy when you’re so used to staying at home and socializing with a few people for 22 years of your life. My very first travel experience is in the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan. I just started working and my sister invited me to join her and her friends. Without any hesitations, I said yes. Or so I think. Months before our flight, I had cold feet. My introvert self appeared and I thought of backing down. Thank God, I didn’t. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much about myself. And what surprised me most is that, I never thought I’d love seeing the outside world so much. I never stopped dreaming of travelling ever sincewe came back to Manila. You know what they say, “It’s like I’ve been bit by a travel bug. And there’s no cure except to keep throwing yourself out there.”


Food is my first love. *heart* *heart* For me, pizza and pasta will always be the greatest inventions ever made. Even before Instagram took the spotlight, I’ve always loved to take photos of food.  And now that Instagram(follow me @acilegnamai hihi) is here, that’s where most of my food photos go. Food never goes out of style. And ever since I started working, I’ve dragged my boyfriend Chad into every food discovery I could ever find.


Aside from the two above mentioned, I also love: reading novels(especially Dan Brown’s and J.K. Rowling’s), writing(which explains why I blog), handlettering, playing games(console, mobile, computer name it!), photography(I want to take food photography classes LOL), music, dogs, watching movies, coding(I want to study Web Developing), and playing the guitar. Yup, with so much in mind of what I want myself to be, I get confused most of the time. But one thing stays clear to me, do whatever makes you happy and you’ll live a very satisfied life. I’ll do this one step at a time.


The PolyHobbyist is a personal blog created in October 2016 but launched in January 2017. It is a mixture of  my travel stories with friends and family and food discoveries(most of the time with Chad) with a little bit of my other hobbies on the side. You’ll sometimes see tips about life and work and how to survive both. I also post some of my handlettered pieces here. With this blog, I thereby announce to myself that I will refuse to ignore the things that makes me happy and face life head on instead. I hope this blog can inspire that passion of yours to come out in the open. Happy reading!🙂