6 Reasons Why Siargao Became My Favorite Island

by - Saturday, November 03, 2018

It's been 6 months ever since I stepped foot on the beautiful island of Siargao, and I can still remember my initial reaction of seeing a lot of coconut trees from the plane window. I knew I would get that island vibes I've been longing to have. Up to now, I still daydream of going back there. The island life it offers is just irresistible to me. We went there with no itinerary. But it turned out to be the best decision we had because we experienced it in a whole different way. It's the most relaxing trip I had. Here are 6 reasons why Siargao became my favorite island like those people who voted for it as Asia's Best Island by the Conde Nast Traveler:

1. Those Starry Nights

A sky full of stars >>>> Night Parties

If you go around social media travel sites, you'll know that Siargao is a good place for stargazing and capturing the Milky Way. There is less light pollution around so you can just lie on the beach and watch stars and meteors fall. The place where we stayed is just a minute away from the beach front. And each night, instead of looking for parties, we just stay by the beach and watch the dark sky full of stars. It's the first time I've seen this many stars in my whole life. I somehow regret not bringing my tripod with me in Siargao. That way, I could have taken more beautiful night sky photos and even the Milky Way if I'm lucky. When we went back to the city, I longed for this same sky to show up every night I go out of the office but I guess it would never happen. 

2. Safely Roaming Around on Bikes 

On days that we don't feel like doing island tours(perks of having no itinerary), we roam around General Luna on bikes. Bike rentals cost 150 pesos per day. As much as we want to rent a motorbike, none of us really know how to drive so we settled for just bikes. I'm not saying that Siargao has bike lanes, but because cars are not their primary mode of transportation(at least in my observation), we could bike on the roads without worrying so much of reckless drivers. Plus, the air is so clean, I won't really mind biking around the whole day. 

Our bikes brought us to this beach in front of a cemetery. We didn't bike on the sand though.
While on our bikes, we can go everywhere we wanted to. Cloud 9 and the market is just a few kilometers away so bikes are really convenient. We even passed by a small cemetery which is near the beach. 

3. Kermit's Pizza

Looks simple but is really delicious!
Kermit Restaurant is one of the famous food places you could find in the Internet if you're looking for where to eat in Siargao. And it's not just a hype. Their pizza is so good! I've been a lover of pizza ever since I could remember and their pizza is one of the best pizzas I've tasted. The pizza smells like it's cooked in brick oven or pugon. I still miss it up to this day honestly. I wish they could have more branches in Manila. I heard they already have one in the south.

4. Sugba Lagoon

Awkward Darna Jump LOL
Sugba Lagoon is my favorite of all the tourist sites that we visited in Siargao. And I would still go back here if given the chance. It is situated right passed the biggest Mangrove Forest in the Philippines. As much as I love beach waves, there's just security in lagoons. I feel safer since I won't be carried away by waves and that there are boundaries. 

Who says you can't sit down?
Sugba Lagoon provides water activities like Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Board jumping, and just swimming on the clean, wide water form.  

5. Siargao Dogs

A sweet dog in Daku Island
I have a deep love for dogs. And seeing dogs running towards the beach or just merely hanging out there is a bliss to me. They are just so cute! And I'm quite surprised that there are a number of breeds of dogs in Siargao. There are times that I wished life could be as simple as those dogs playing by the beach but nah, not gonna happen.

6. Their Fight Against Plastics and Garbage

I admire the people of Siargao for their efforts to reduce plastic consumption and garbage in their wonderful island. It is what sets them apart from other tourist spots in the Philippines. They love their island so much, they hated plastic and banned it in most establishments. Some establishments don't have take outs so they won't have to use plastic. But some establishments do have take outs but they find alternatives for plastics. Their straws there are either metal or bamboo. Utensils are metal. On our second day, we went to an island off the coast of Siargao. Our tour guides brought lunch and water bottles because we'll be hiking. Guess what, not much disposable plastic to be found in any of the containers, utensils, and bottles that they brought. That is how dedicated they were. And I salute them for it. They also have regular beach cleanups being held and tourists can become a part of it. 

No plastics in sight.

Siargao deserved all the compliments and praise they are getting right now as the Best Island in Asia. I just wish that as tourists, we do our part on preserving the beauty of the island. Take part in beach cleanups and participate in their fight against plastic. That way, we could always go back to the same amazing Siargao we love. 

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  1. Siargao looks and sounds awesome :) Putting this on my list of islands to travel to around here in the Philippines! Loved reading this.


  2. Hi Anna, I bet there are loads of more reasons that you should visit this island. Ber months are the perfect season to be there if you'd want to surf. I think the weather is colder too.:) Thank you for reading!