Cafe Mary Grace: Our Favorite Homey Restaurant

by - Saturday, September 08, 2018

If I would be making a list of those restaurants that I would always go back to, Cafe Mary Grace will always be on that list. Chad and I have dined here thrice already, all during special occasions, and there was never a time that we got disappointed with their food and service. Their cakes are one of the biggest reasons why we always come back. But it was never a bad idea to order their pasta and pizza because they also taste delicious.
The ambiance and interiors of the restaurant looked quite intimidating at first you'll think that the food served here will burn holes in your pockets. But to me, the prices are quite reasonable for the kind of food they fill in our tummies.
I always felt like dining at home every time we visit. Although the Gateway Cubao branch is quite small and the space is quite narrow, we always had a good time. The budget for two, based on experience, is around 1000 - 1200 pesos - the reason why we eat here only in special occasions. It's quite pricey, but I promise you, you won't get disappointed.

Our third visit was to celebrate Chad's 25th birthday. Here's what we ate:

Spanish Sardines & Olives(P320)

I've always been a fan of red sauce pastas when I was a kid. When I got older, oil-based pastas became my instant favorite! I find them healthier and more delicious. I had Cafe Mary Grace's Spanish Sardines and Olives Pasta. Chad recommended I have this because he knows how much I'm craving for it. It did not disappoint! My cravings for this pasta are fully satisfied!  The taste is not that salty, and there's a right amount of kick in the dish. It tastes like homemade pasta. Felt like home.

Smoked Salmon & Cream(P330)

The birthday boy had Smoked Salmon & Cream. I tasted it and as much as I love the pasta dish that I ate, this dish doesn't taste bad at all. I'm not a fan of Salmon but it tastes good. The cream blends with the Salmon quite well. The cream eliminates the fishy taste of the Salmon in a good way. I wasn't able to taste the caviar though. 

And now, for some dessert! The reason why I suggested such a budget if you would dine here is because I don't want you guys to miss their super yummy cakes!

Mango Bene(P198 per slice)

If you haven't heard of Cafe Mary Grace's Mango Bene before, then now's the time you should know about it. It's the best Mango Cake I have ever tasted! The mangoes are in every layer of the cake and they are always sweet! I also love the meringue which adds a different texture in the cake. You shouldn't miss this slice of heaven if you'll dine here. It's quite pricey, but you won't feel any guilt about it.

Chocolate Truffle(P170 per Slice)

If Mango Bene's my favorite cake, this one is Chad's. The cake is creamy chocolate-y but never too sweet. The chocolate cream in between those chocolate layers tasted like Cadbury chocolate for me. It just melts in your mouth! According to Cafe Mary Grace's website, it is Callebaut Truffle in between those chocolate cake layers. The cake is soft and I think it is best eaten when chilled. 

I've always wanted to order a different flavor of cake every time we dine here but we always end up with our favorites LOL.  

We always had a satisfied dining experience at Cafe Mary Grace that's why we always choose to dine here to celebrate life milestones. Belated Happy birthday, Love! 

Have you ever dined here? If not, go na!:D
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  1. Their Mango Bene is my favorite! ♡♡ I've yet to try their other dishes. I used to think it's a very tita place to hangout in, but I just simply love how homey it feels; I understand why people keep coming back. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

    1. Yes it's my favorite too! Try their other cakes. I'm gonna try them also. Yes, at first look it looks very Tita, but it's a nice place for a sweet date. hihi. You're welcome Anna!:)