Meshwe: The Shawarma Game Changer

by - Monday, April 23, 2018

Shawarma is one of the popular Middle Eastern dishes to hit the Philippines. I'm not quite surprised why since judging on its appearance, it has resemblances to our favorite staple foods like burgers. It is meat in between bread. But unlike burgers and sandwiches, the dish uses Pita bread and the sauce has a stronger middle eastern flavor. Most of the shawarma that I've tasted uses beef as their meat. I like it that way because I assume that it's tastier and stronger in flavor. But never did I expect I'd love Chicken Shawarma more. And it's only in Meshwe that I found love with Chicken Shawarma. <3

Meshwe has two branches that I know of. One in Fairview and one in Malingap. We had our Meshwe Experience in Z Compound, which is the very first food park in existence, according to an Uber driver and a person I shared a ride with. This is an al fresco food park so I suggest you bring something to keep you away from sweating in case the weather tends to be uncomfortable.
Meshwe is just located on the front left of the food park and is difficult to miss. When we went there, there are lots of customers waiting to be served their favorite Shawarma. Serving time depends on the number of customers and most of the time, there are many so be patient. The Shawarma is worth the wait, I promise.
Beef Shawarma Rice
During our first visit(we went there twice), we tried their Beef Shawarma Rice(P135). It is Beef Shawarma served with Parsley and Tomato on top of the Bukkhari Rice with Harissa(chilli pepper paste) and yogurt on the side. It's the first time that I had shawarma rice that was not overpoured with mayonnaise and hot sauce and at the same time not so oily. I love their Shawarma because it looks healthier but it does not taste bland. The meat has its middle eastern taste unlike most of the Shawarma stalls out there that is sweet. Also, the meat is lean unlike others that were fatty. Definitely choosing this over others. The Harissa is a bit spicy for me so if you're not a fan of spicy, better not put too much. The yogurt is fine but I did not put too much also. Even their rice is cooked perfectly with Middle Eastern spices. I'm not familiar of the spices though. The aroma just smells like it. 
Join the Meshwe Squad!
It was during our second visit(just weeks after because Chad really love this place), that I got to taste the Shawarma that changed my life LOL. Chad ordered Farouj Meshwe with Rice(P175) which is Roasted Chicken Leg along with same rice and sides as the Shawarma rice. The only addition is the coleslaw. We also bought Arabic Fries and softdrinks to remove the "umay" feeling just in case.
Farouj Meshwe with Rice
Everything that Chad ordered in Meshwe had one verdict: MALINAMNAM(delicious!). He loves the place so much, he returns here with or without me LOL. He said there's always that different taste that only Meshwe can offer. The roasted chicken leg has a distinct taste maybe out of the spices again. It is not dry and is well cooked.
Chicken Shawarma is love.
And nooow, for the holy grail of Meshwe for me, their Chicken Shawarma(P95). <3 I didn't have a hard time eating the dish because it is intact. The chicken inside is delicious it is even accompanied with fries inside! Despite the meat being chicken, it is not bland. I think there's also yogurt in there. It is very far from the commercially available oily and fatty Shawarma that was served in mall stalls. I just only wish they would add a little bit more of veggies to a have a more diverse taste and to take the "umay" feeling out of the picture.

Meshwe is the best Shawarma place for me as of the moment! The prices are very affordable and the servings are enough to satisfy us. Everytime I'd crave for Shawarma, Meshwe will be the place I'll visit. Don't be left out! Try their best selling Shawarma too!

Meshwe: Z Compound, 33A Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
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  1. Grew in KSA. Stayed there for 17 years. Real shawarma is chicken, not beef. Meshwe got it right.

    Finally, someone here in PH got it right.

    1. I never really knew that until you said it. All my life I thought shawarma is always beef. Thanks for sharing this! I think Meshwe really produces authentic arabic dishes. :)

    2. There's also this place in Taft called Shawarma Boy. They also serve legit shawarma. Meshwe serves 'em fresh though.