Guevarra's: A Highly Recommended Filipino Buffet Restaurant

by - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ever heard of an ancestral home turned restaurant? If not, then let me introduce to one in San Juan City. And it's not just an ordinary restaurant. It is a Buffet Restaurant named after one of the famous chefs in the Philippines, Chef Laudico. With his name posted on the entrance of this restaurant, I'm sure Chad and I would be up for a yummy gastronomic experience. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary here(It's Chad's idea and surprise). What would be a better #12Months12Cuisines challenge than featuring a cuisine closest to our hearts? Nothing beats Filipino cuisine when it comes to tasting a bit of home.

Basic Information

How to Get Here

Address: 387 P. Guevarra Corner Argonne Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City
Opening Hours: 1 AM to 2 PM, 5 PM to 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM to 10 PM

We took an Uber to get here because frankly, we're not very familiar with San Juan. Also, the restaurant is situated in a residential area so I advise you to use your car or take a cab instead for lesser hassle. Upon stepping foot on this establishment, we were greeted by this Spanish-styled big ancestral home which is now Chef Laudico Guevarra's.

Parking Space

You need not worry on where to park your car because they have a dedicated space for parking. They have a wide parking space. I think they also accommodate outdoor catering events based on how huge their outdoor space is.

Reservations and Price

Chad booked a reservation for us days before our anniversary and I highly recommend you do the same thing. The place is always packed with customers especially weekends. Chad booked an early dinner reservation from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. They have an event at around 7:30 PM so we had to adjust. It cost us 614.88 pesos each(P549 + 12% VAT). They only have 15 minutes holding time so be sure to be on time or your reservation will be cancelled.

The Place

The interiors of Guevarra's reminded me of my grandparents' home in Laguna. With those big windows, wooden floors and walls, and an overall Spanish vibe, the restaurant gave me an impression of dining during the Spanish Era. 
Even though this place used to be a house, turning this into a restaurant is not a bad idea at all. The place is big and spacious. It has a lot of rooms enough to accommodate around 70 - 100 people(just my guesstimate tehee). You can reserve a whole room for special occasions. I almost got lost just looking for the comfort room(It's located at the room on the right side the moment you enter the restaurant. You're welcome hihi.).
The house was renovated to be fit to be a restaurant. It is fully air conditioned. They also have these plates with signatures from famous people who dined there. Definitely not your ordinary buffet restaurant.  


And now, for my always favorite part of every restaurant review, FOOD! Guevarra's is an All-Filipino Buffet Restaurant so don't expect some foreign cuisine here. I am surprised with how many dishes this restaurant prepared for us. I think it has over 50! And I bet if not all, but almost all of them tastes delicious! Too bad I don't have a big tummy to accommodate them all. 

Their buffet setup has SIX STATIONS: Appetizers, Carvings(my favorite! binalik balikan namin 'to), Hot & Grilled, Main Course, Desserts, and Beverages.  Every station has a LOT TO OFFER. I don't even know where to start. Check out each station on the photos below and you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about. I'll share my favorites in each section. 


The Appetizers section is full of our favorite bite-sized snacks. They have crablets, Filipino-style pizza, Calamares, crispy KangKong, bread, salad, etc. I highly recommend you try their Calamares. Calamares is one of my favorite streetfoods and Guevarra's has it! They are crispy and dipping them to their vinegar makes it taste even more delicious. We also tried their Pizza and their cheese is a bit different but tastes good. I'd love to try the crablets but the plate was empty when I came back after shooting the photos. They taste great maybe?


Puputok ang batok mo pag nagstay ka sa Carvings Station LOL. This is my favorite station and I think now you know why. There's Lechon and Crispy Pork Belly! And...wait for it... BACON BAGNET! Yes. I didn't know such a thing exists.  Two of my favorites in one dish? What a treat! And it's a first I had from Guevarra's. The dish consists of thin slices of Bagnet. Crispy and Savory. *heart eyes*

Hot & Grilled

This Hot & Grilled Section, from the words themselves, contain grilled seafood and meat and soup. There's Chicken Barbecue, Liempo, Squid, Tapa, and others. They also have Bulalo. You can also find condiments here you could use with your carvings and appetizers. I don't have any favorite from this section. They all tasted okay for me.

Main Course

The Main Course Station consists of our favorite ulam elevated to fit the restaurant standards. And I didn't said that just because we're at Guevarra's. I said that because they are really delicious and scrumptious! They have my favorite Kare-Kare. Aside from that, they have Dinuguan, Pinakbet, and other Seafood dishes that I'm not much familiar of. Pansit and Paella is also present in their Main Course Station. Among all of them, the Angus Beef Kare-Kare will always be "The One". The meat is so soft it melts in my mouth. The sauce has the right amount of peanuts and the consistency is thick. I can't stop but get rice when I tasted their Kare-Kare.

Desserts and Beverages

I had fun shooting at their Desserts Section. They just look all so yummy! Their vibrant and chocolate-y colors just caught my eyes. And even their desserts also has a distinct Filipino touch. They have Suman, Leche Flan, Buko Pandan, Halo-Halo, sweet pastries, Biscocho, and Ice Cream. The beverages they offer consists of juices, milk tea, softdrinks and water. Their Milk Tea tastes more like Sago't Gulaman though. Their must-try desserts for me are Leche Flan, Buko Pandan, and Biscocho. Guevarra's Leche Flan is thick and creamy but not too sweet. The Biscocho came as a surprise to me. It's not the hard toasted bread I know but it tastes like a mini donut which is good by the way. I liked how it tasted. 

I had tried a Filipino Buffet Restaurant before(I won't drop names) when we attended our grandmother's birthday. I was disappointed back then. The dish containers always ran out of food and it will take a while before it's refilled. I'm glad that it never happened in Guevarra's, except for the crablets. 

Overall, we are satisfied customers of Guevarra's. And if it weren't for its location, I would have brought my family here. I wish they'll have another branch closer to Marikina. I recommend you guys bring your Balikbayan relatives or foreign visitors here if you want them to taste our own Filipino dishes. It's a treat they won't forget. ;)

Address: 387 P. Guevarra Corner Argonne Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City
Budget for Two: Php 1000 to 1500 (Depending on time and day of visit)

Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5

Overall: 5/5
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  1. Buffet sounds overwhelming in a good way *wink*. That buffet house looks so homely, I love it.

    T H E A S T R O N

    1. Thank you! Yeah I got a bit overwhelmed too but food's delicious here! :D

  2. OMG I could imagine how amazing it would feel to dine here. Love everything! I'm sure the food tastes divine too <3

    1. Hi Pearl! Yes do try their Kare-Kare and Bagnet when you visit! :)

  3. I've never been to this place and now I want to! The food looks so appetizing and OMG it's not so far from where I am. How did I not know about this place?

    1. I think because it's situated in a residential area Anne. :) It's a bit difficult to go there when you commute. Go go visit! :D

  4. Oh gosh, Angus Beef kare kare sounds AMAZING!

    Teesh ♥ Adventures of Cupcake Girl