The Happylist Vol. 10

by - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Before the year started, I said to myself that I won't be travelling frequently for now. But I guess my inner self didn't understood that so in a span of 6 months, I've been to 7 different places - in and out of Philippines. This has been the most frequent that I've traveled ever since I started in 2015. Good job self, you just broke your own record and your own word LOL. I didn't regret anything though. It's nice to get three shades darker due to discovering places and not because I commute to and from work without any umbrella. At least I know that for the past few months, I lived. 

Because of that, I had around 180 days of summer for this year! The best summer so far. And with that, here's my Happy Summer List:

#1 Spent Labor Weekend in La Union with Workmates and Chad

LU Squad!
It's my first time to travel with friends at work. I don't want to go back to La Union for Labor weekend though. #DamingTaoHassle But I would want to come back for those days where all we did was have fun at the beach, visit Tangadan Falls, and eat Bagnet! Gosh, I miss Bagnet. 

#2 Camped at Dampalitan Island with College Batchmates

Oh island life <3
Around the same month when we visited La Union, I went on a camping trip with my college friends. During daytime, we just swam at the beach, slept at the banana beds they brought and played like we're kids again. And at night we just drank beer while playing and laughing our hearts out under the dark sky lit by thousands of stars. I wish I could have taken a shot of that night sky. It was wonderful. That day was wonderful. 

#3 Family Reunion for my Grandmother's 70th Birthday

Always <3
It's not everyday someone turns 70 isn't she? So to make our grandmother feel special on achieving this great milestone, we all went to a resort in Bulacan to celebrate. I got to bond with my cousins. And the extended family also met Chad for the first time. How time flies! My cousins already have babies making me a  fully-grown tita! No plans for having babies on our own for now though hihi. #CareerWoman #LahatKinacareer

#4 SG-MY, My First Ever Out of the Country Trip

Pretty Girls!
I didn't plan to have an out of the country trip for this year. But then one day, my impulsive self went on a search for travel buddies who would want to visit Singapore. 7 months later, I was on a plane to Singapore with my sisters! Swerte namin na may umampon samin for 6 days kaya libre accommodation. Thank you Den and Cath! 
Rainbow Reef
Singapore is such a wonderful country. I can't stop looking at Marina Bay Sands when we roamed the whole day around it. Universal Studios Singapore is waaaaay above Enchanted Kingdom in terms of attractions. I was also able to tick off something from my bucket list which is to ride a double decker bus. And most of all, I swam with hundreds of colorful fishes in Resorts World Sentosa's Adventure Cove.

Let your ... run wild teheee
As for Malaysia, we just did a side trip to Legoland. I must say, it's a theme park for kids. But I enjoyed viewing the Lego exhibits featuring the iconic landmarks of different countries. 
KL? Nope. :P

#5 Being Able to Achieve my Target Body

#AwraPaMore #PinaghirapanKoYan
I think I gained 5 kilograms ever since I started working. Food is just too hard to ignore! But my future trip to Boracay made me do the impossible - going on a diet. I started cutting down my rice intake to half almost 3 months ago and went to the gym for at most twice a week. I think that's the greatest achievement I had for this year. :D

#6 Boracay with Chad <3

Love parin kita kahit di ka nageexercise huehue
Chad always wanted to take me to Boracay. But due to strict parents, we can't possibly go there all by ourselves. Thank God for my workmates! They also wanted to go to Boracay so we all went there last August 31. 
My version of "Dadalhin kita sa langit"
I got to try out new activities with Chad. First was parasailing. I thought Chad would be scared because he's somehow afraid of heights but no, he enjoyed it a lot. As for me, I got motion sickness and I almost puked. But it was fun. It's both our first time and I'm happy my boyfriend agreed to do this with me.
Flying Fish pero saglit lang lumipad
The second thing we did is to ride a flying fish. Chad, being a safe person, was quite hesitant at first because it's an extreme ride but he did it anyways hihi. Thanks Love. 

#7 Boracay Sunset

In awe of your beauty
I love to watch sunsets at the beach. I think there's something on a beach sunset that makes everyone swoon. And the Boracay sunset? It's amazing. The sailboats passing by the giant ball of light even made the sunset more dramatic. We spent the golden hour lying on the fine sand and just talking about life. That's one of the moments I'll definitely miss in Boracay.

#8 Found My Way Back to Hand Lettering

I called myself The PolyHobbyist for a reason. And it's because I have so many hobbies. One of things that I really love doing is hand lettering. But these past few months, I think I failed to show you guys that. And because I'll be stuck in Manila for the rest of the year, *hopefully* here I am, crawling my way back to my favorite art. I'm not a pro. But there's just something in creating art that takes all the stress and worries away. Every time I immerse myself in hand lettering, I forget all about my worries and frustrations. Welcome back self!

I was feeling lost these past few days. I felt disconnected from my blog despite being able to do weekly posts. Maybe because I miss my old blogger self. I really miss personal posts like this. Hope you missed this one too. Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Going on a trip can be expensive because of the accommodation. You're so lucky libre accommodation niyo during your entire stay in SG! I've never been to MY, Boracay and LU but I want sana! Kaso alam mo na, kadalasan drawing. Hahaha.

    This year naman I was supposed to travel (I already have my travel plans) but laging hindi natutuloy or na-ca-cancel because of other priorities. But I'm hoping I could travel soon din!

    1. Yes sobrang thankful talaga namin sa kanila. Tapos sila pa yung nagtour samin sa SG. Sobrang bait! Haha hanap ka na ng mga kasamang hindi drawing karen. :D Oo nga parang may nabasa nga ko sa posts mo na mag out of country ka this year. Push lang ng push! :D

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful summer! I want to start learning hand lettering too. Keep up your posts!

    Jenn |

    1. Hi Jenn! It's never too late to start. ;) Hand lettering is fun! :D

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. So much fun in many different ways and things. I also enjoyed reading your About page. Looking forward to reading more. :)

    Jas |

    1. Thank you Jas! I enjoyed reading your blog too. :)

  4. You had a great time for enjoying your summertime with family. Family trip such a rare thing for me, because when you're getting older all your family members have their own agendas.
    And I like your lettering!

    1. Family trip is also rare for us Malisa. But we really pushed through with this since it's a special occasion. I think we should do family trips once a year. Thank you! :)

  5. Sulit naman ang travel, at least for me. Good job on achieving your target body! :)

    Teesh ♥ Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    1. Yes. ang sarap talaga magtravel. Yung pera lang talaga problema. xD Thank you Teesh! I hope you come back to blogging soon. :)

  6. Wow. You've been to a lot of places in a short span of time lang! Haha. And your penmanship looks really great, too! Keep it up!!

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Thank you Da! Sana magkaron tayo ng lettering sessions haha!

  7. You've been to a lot of places in a short span of time! Wow! For me, travel is worth it. Pero kelangan lang talagang pag-ipunan haha. I aim to try parasailing within the next year. It looks so fun. <3

    xx, Richel V.

    1. Oo nga eh. Sobrang gastos haha. Yes try it! Pero kung medyo mahihiluhin ka dala ka ng gamot. :D