SHOOT: Flower Dome

by - Sunday, September 17, 2017

If you have enough budget and would like to see more of Gardens by the Bay, then you should absolutely consider visiting the two huge glass domes standing tall along with the Super Trees at the SuperTree Grove. We were supposed to visit Cloud Forest and Flower Dome but sadly, we chose the unlucky date on which the maintenance for Cloud Forest was being held so we were only able to visit one: Flower Dome. 
The dome made those very tall trees look tiny.
At first, I was saddened by the unfortunate announcement because I like to visit Cloud Forest more than Flower Dome. But when we entered the largest glass greenhouse in the world, I was left in awe of how much time and effort the people behind this concept had exerted. Guys! It's a huge glass full of flowers and plant species from all over the world! Not to mention, there's no scarcity of sunlight so every spot is good for photographs! For 14 SGD, you can discover different kinds of flowers, trees, and plants while roaming around a refrigerated glass dome. It's oozing with sunlight but it's so cold inside - a perfect climate even for tourists in my opinion.
There's a blue sky waiting tomorrow.
How to Get Here:
Bus transportation is somehow not advisable for tourists especially if you didn't had it all planned out so I suggest you take their very efficient train. Just take the Red Line off to Marina Bay station then Gardens by the Bay should be a few walks away from there.

Flower Dome is one of my highlights in our Singapore trip. I've never seen so many flowers in one day! Plus the fact that we can keep roaming around and capturing instagrammable spots with literally no sweat is great! Enjoy the photos! :D
It's a wonder how this huge greenhouse could serve as habitat for plant species of different needs.
It even houses cacti!
It's really cold inside
Some trees here are over a thousand years old.
My favorite spot is the one where I could see the Singapore Flyer.

Ganda ba 'te?
They hold different exhibits depending on the season. I think there's none when we visited.
These flowers are my favorite....
..because they are the ones I'm wearing LOL. 


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  1. I just found out that the largest glass greenhouse in the world is in Singapore! It was years ago since I last visited SG, I'm sure a lot has changed already.

    My most favorite picture here is the picture of the cacti! :)

    1. Yes. Laging may bago sa SG. More reasons to come back! :D

  2. The flowers are so beautiful and you look so happy!