My Top 6 Best Attractions in Universal Studios Singapore + Tips

by - Sunday, September 10, 2017

Resorts World Sentosa is no doubt, one of the most visited places in Singapore, especially for first time travellers. It houses a lot of fun and exciting attractions for the whole family. One of the famous ones is none other than, Universal Studios Singapore. USS has seven themes which they call zones: Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar.This will never be missed out by anyone particularly its iconic Universal Studios Globe situated in front of the entrance.
Sakit tuhod pose
Before I tell you what are my favorite attractions inside Universal Studios Singapore, I'll share some basic tips first. You may skip these if you already know it. ;)

Where to Buy Tickets

At first, there are only 3 ways that I know of. One, is buying at the Universal Studios Singapore ticket booth itself. Two, is via online through their website or via Klook wherein the latter is way better and cheaper. The third one is something you should really consider. We bought via the Carousel App! I don't have any idea that they sell tickets there but they do! And we're able to buy tickets for 2 attractions for $78(USS & Adventure Cove)! But that does not stop there, the tickets came in with a meal voucher. More of that on the next tips. :)

How To Get There

Sakit hita pose
There are 3 ways that I know of through which you can arrive at Resorts World Sentosa:
  1. Via Train - There's a station inside Resorts World Sentosa. And a way to get in is through Sentosa Express train. Just take the purple line to Harbourfront. Then from there you will need to get inside the mall and climb to the top floor where you'll see this huge sign. It costs $4 each. 
  2. Via Bus - Same as the first one, you'll need to go to Vivo City(Harbourfront station) via the MRT purple line. Then you'll need to take the bus stopping at the front of Vivo City. This costs $1. 
  3. Via Cable Car - I wasn't able to try this one but this is also another option. The good thing here is, you'll see the top view of RWS and I guess a good view of SG as well unlike taking the other 2 options above.
How about getting out though? Good news is, you can ride the bus out of RWS for free. Getting in is the only one that's not free. 

Where To Eat

First time I ate a black burger and it's delicious!
Remember the meal voucher? It is a $10 meal voucher and can be used at any restaurant inside USS except Starbucks. You get to have $10 off on your meal as long as you spend $10 the least. The items on the menu where we ate are all more than $10 so I guess this is already a very good deal. We ate at Mel's Drive-in at Hollywood zone. :)

Top 6 Best Attractions

Universal Studios Singapore really blew me away! It's even more literal than figurative. Most of my favorites are those that really got my adrenaline rushing. Those that I can't stop screaming and laughing afterwards. These my friends, are the ones you should put on the top of your list. 

6 Lights, Camera, Action!

(c) RWS Website
If you found all other thrilling rides to be having long lines, then I guess you should go here first. This is an indoor attraction found in New York zone. I am a big fan of movies and I am very fascinated with how foreign movies are created so this attraction made the 6th spot on my list.

At first, I thought that it is a documentary film featuring Universal Studios movies and how they create them. Well, I was write at the latter part. But not all movies. In this attraction, they had Steven Spielberg show us how they create a Category 5 Hurricane striking New York City with all the wind, fire and water happening side by side. 

5 Shrek 4-D Adventure

The 5th on my list of best attractions is the one that this amazing castle houses. I've tried watching 3D in IMAX before and believe me, I did not enjoy it. It made me feel dizzy. At first, I thought I was going to feel the same way with this, but NO. I did not feel dizzy at all. This attraction showcases a Shrek movie adventure in 4D environment. Get ready to feel like you're part of the movie once you enter the castle. Expect some bouncing and water spraying in between. But no worries, you won't get so wet. This attraction is perfect for kids and adults. You can find this inside Far Far Away.

4  Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Enjoy Rapids with a twist inside the Lost World! While Rapids in our local theme park(Enchanted Kingdom) is just water rafting on wild river with waterfalls, this one comes with dinosaurs! It gets even better as you approach the T-Rex too. Just be ready to get thrown out. ;) You won't get too wet in this ride though so no need to bother buying those ponchos. But it's safe to leave your things inside the lockers that you can rent. 

3 Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYCLON

Never gonna ride this again. But it's worth the first try. :)
If extreme rollercoasters are your thing, then you should definitely head over to Sci-Fi City and try Battlestar Galactica! This ride has two modes: Human(normal rollercoaster) and Cyclon(a rollercoaster where you're like on a stiff safe swing with your feet hanging in the air). The two rollercoasters get off at the same time and if you can keep your eyes open the whole ride, you will notice that at some points, the two rollercoasters face off like in a duel. 
They all seem happy. But why??? Aren't they trilled??Mga halimaw ata sa rollercoaster 'to.
I must say, it's really a HIGH TURBULENCE ride and you should ride at your own risk. We rode the Cyclon and I never liked to ride Human anymore. I became pale afterwards LOL. But it's really worth the try. Definitely one of the rides you should experience when you visit USS. It's the world's tallest dueling rollercoasters according to the RSW website.*Bragging rights* But it's not for those with weak hearts. But if you still want to experience a rollercoaster without getting a heart attack, I have a perfect one for you!*See #1*

2 Revenge of the Mummy

Entering Ancient Egypt
I kept my eyes closed most of the time when I rode Battlestar Galactica. The rollercoaster went so fast I didn't had the chance to open my eyes. Revenge of the Mummy, found inside Ancient Egypt is also a rollercoaster but is waaaay less extreme than Battlestar Galactica. It is an indoor rollercoaster attraction and guess what, I don't have to close my eyes because it's dark the whole time! I think this one's way scarier because I don't know what to expect. One time we're going up then the other we came sliding down. It's one crazy ride! It's the first dark rollercoaster ride I ever experienced. I don't even know if we traversed loops or had 90 degree drops. Oh well, what you don't know won't hurt you.

1 Transformers The Ride

3 hours
Out of all the attractions listed here, this is the only one that we had to fall in line for THREE HOURS!!! Can you already imagine why we had to wait that long? Don't worry. It's worth it. You can already experience some parts of this attraction while falling in line though. Transformers: The Ride is a 3D thrill ride where we riders are prepped to help the Autobots save the world from the Decepticons. While in line, you will be watching lots of videos prepping you on what happens once you enter The Ride so I didn't get bored that much. 
First ride for that day
Once already on the ride, you'll be watching a lot of battle actions while zooming on the streets of the city, jumping on rooftops, going through barriers to put the All Spark to safety. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride. It seems real! This ride is perfect for everyone and I bet you will also enjoy it as much as we did. The description says it's a 3D ride, but it's a 5D one for me.

We had a whole day for USS, but it was never enough huhu. I think we were only able to experience 40% of the attractions. Nevertheless, we had fun. My last tips would be, go there as early as you can! And, check out their website for show schedules so you won't miss anything. Plan everything beforehand. 

Have you already been here? Let's talk about your favorites and questions in the comments box below. :D

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  1. That's cool Universal Studios Singapore has similar rides to the ones here in California. I really enjoy Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park - they're my two favorite rides in Universal Studios! I'm glad you had a great time!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Hi Eena! Oh I didn't know rides would be similar to other Universal Studios in other countries but it would be an achievement if I could visit them all LOL. #DreamBig Is there a Harry Potter zone in Universal Studios California?

  2. OMG! Swooning over the Battlestar Galactica! I just happen to really love roller coasters. Hihi. Sorry, I'm weird. Great tips by the way and you sure looked like you had lots of fun.

    1. I love rollercoasters too Anne! Until Battlestar Galactica came. LOL haha. You should really try it when you go there it's one hell of a rollercoaster. xD Yes, USS sure knows how to bring fun! :D

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