Katsu Cravings Fixed at Yabu!

by - Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I rarely encounter expensive food that tastes so good, especially when I travel. Most of the time the food comes out overpriced for how it tastes. Even worst is if it doesn't taste good at all. So everytime I plan to dine in a certain restaurant and find out that the place offers expensive food, I research first. I will admit. Yes, dining in Yabu is quite expensive but on the next few sections, you'll find out that it's worth more than the money we paid. 
Rosu Katsu Set
Yabu is well-known for serving quality Katsus. Katsu is a Japanese dish which is breaded deep fried meat cutlet. In Yabu, Katsu is served in many different ways. It can be just fried, served in curry sauce(Katsu Curry) or simmered with eggs with Japanese rice(Katsudon). Aside from that, you can choose your own meat between chicken, pork, or even seafood! They also serve appetizers, desserts and other Japanese dishes like Gyudon, Tempura, and Donburi. 

Dining Area

This is not our first time to try Yabu. But both experiences were in celebration of Chad's birthday. If you want to read our first experience, click HERE. Our first Yabu experience is in SM North EDSA. This time, we tried UP Town Center. Yabu is located at the Ground Floor of UTC. It is very easy to find. Just like the Yabu branch in SM North EDSA, this one is also not that spacious. The walk way for customers is quite narrow. But as soon as we're seated, I already didn't mind. Our dining space is adequate for the two of us. I can move freely. 
I really hate dirty tables. That's why it's a plus for me that they take time to clean the tables first before taking us to our seats. Each table also has a set of condiments for your Katsu and dressings for your cabbages. I also like that the seats are soft, makes the dining experience more comfortable. Their service is also fast since we have our own dedicated server. 

Katsu Section

The first time that we dined in Yabu, I had Rosu Katsu and Chad had Curry Katsudon. Their katsu tasted great. But I think I found my food to be dry, despite the katsu's juiciness, because I enjoyed Chad's dish more, with all the egg and curry sauce that surrounded the katsu.
Curry Katsudon

So this time, we both ordered Curry Katsu sets. A Curry Katsu set contains cabbages, watermelon and pineapple slices, and miso soup. All of which are refillable including the rice. You know what that means, UNLIMITED!!
Chicken Katsu Curry (P375)
I ordered Chicken Katsu with regular Curry sauce. Yes, you can adjust the spiciness of your curry sauce. It has 3 levels: Regular, Hot, and Very Hot. I like mine to be just a regular one but it already has its mild kick that tastes really savory and strong to my taste buds. The katsu is crispy and juicy as expected from Yabu. I think I love the Chicken katsu more than pork. But the katsu tasted even more delicious when dipped in the curry sauce. And this time, I was able to enjoy the katsu more because of the curry sauce.
Rosu Katsu Curry (P400)
Chad, on the otherhand, ordered Rosu(Pork) Katsu Curry. The presentation looked quite the same. The only distinguishing factor would be the small flags with either chicken or pork printed on it. Chad loved his Katsu Curry as well. It's the best Katsu Curry for him. 
As for the sides, I'm not really a fan of how the Miso Soup tastes while Chad thinks it just tasted like a normal Miso Soup. For the fruits, I wonder where they get their fruits. They are sweet! It's the sweetest pineapple and watermelon I ever tasted. And the cabbages?? Crispy and the dressing is very delicious when mixed with the cabbages. You know what Lea says, "If you want to be happy, eat cabbages.".
Belated Happy Birthday Love!

We only paid less than 900 pesos but here's what we got:
  • Quality food with generous amount of servings
  • Fast service
  • Good ambiance and clean environment
  • unlimited sides and rice!
  • Satisfied tummies <3
The next time you're looking for a Katsu place, better bring your friends and dine in Yabu. :D
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  1. Haven't tried Yabu yet, pero I've heard a lot of recommendations about the place. Might try it one of these days. :D

  2. Sounds like a great place to dine! Glad you got what you paid for. Would love to try this out when I crave for Japanese food. :)

    Lyka Chiang

    1. Thanks Lyka! Yes they have branches everywhere! I'm sure you'll fine one that's close.

  3. I agree. It sucks when you don't get the value for your money especially with food. I haven't tried Yabu yet but I'm glad your experience did not disappoint!


    1. Yes sobrang sayang pag ganun. :( Try mo sya Anne next time. ;)