Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

by - Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hey guys! It's been more than a month since my last post?! Yikes! Summer's been great for me despite getting 3 shades darker. I apologize for the lack of posts - especially to my boyfriend who reminded me that I haven't posted anything for a while. :P I have a lot in my backlog right now so to remove one from the list, here's what we tried for our #12Months12CuisinesChallenge for the month of April - Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings!
Araw-araw manok, magkakapakpak na kami! xD
Wings are our all time favorite. I'm even thinking of creating of Battle of the Wings series for this blog or My Top 5 Favorite Wings in Manila because that's how frequent we ask for wings in the menu LOL. So for April, let's try something American and more of our comfort zone type of food from one of the common places to ask for chicken wings, Frankie's!
Looks yummy right?
Frankie's boasts a wide array of flavors for their wings. They have the classic buffalo flavor, something sweet which you can choose from Honey Garlic or Honey Mustard, something plain like their Salt and Pepper flavor, international flavors like the Caribbean Jerk or Nagoya Tebasaki or you can choose their Pinoy style Adobo Wings and others. Apart from wings they also serve pasta and desserts. But us craving for wings, we opted to choose two from their menu with rice as sides. 


So many people, so little space
We visited Frankie's branch at SM North EDSA. It's a bit difficult to find so to give you some help, it's located in the Upper Ground Floor of the Main Building in front of KKK restaurant. 

The Place

I can't move to take many pictures. :|
When we arrived there, the place is so crowded plus we were in queue due to so much people waiting to be seated. The place is small and cramped. Honestly, I didn't enjoy the place that much. It's not really a good place to hangout. You just go there to eat. And because there are a lot of people, it's a bit hot inside. I suggest you try to go there when it's off lunch or dinner time.

The Food and Service

I guess one of the reasons why a lot of people dine in Frankie's is because they serve very affordable wings. For 188 pesos, you can already have half a dozen of satisfying wings. We ordered two half dozen of wings with flavors Honey Garlic and their Classic Buffalo wings. I really expected a lot since a lot of people eat there so I am guessing that it is a good place for wings. We didn't even check any reviews! That's how confident we are. 

The downside of having a lot of people dine with you and less number of crew to serve the food though is poorer service. We needed to follow up our order twice and we waited for 30 minutes before our food got served. 
Classic Buffalo Wings

When we were able to get our hands on our wings, I was really ecstatic to taste them. Their wings! What horrible things could happen?? I first tasted their Classic Buffalo Wings with a Ranch dip. You can choose how spicy it could be and we chose the mild one because I have low tolerance to something spicy. The spicyness of the wings is tolerable I could eat them without drinking too much water. I kind of felt that something is missing with the taste though. I can't tell what it is but all in all, the wings tasted good. It is crispy and juicy. 

Honey Garlic Wings. More of Honey Wings with Garlic bits lang! :(

Where I got disappointed actually was the Honey Garlic wings. It was too sweet. All I tasted was honey, no garlic. Chad and I didn't enjoy it so we just took it out and continued to eat the Classic Buffalo Wings. We also ordered a half dozen of Hickory BBQ and I like that more than the Honey Garlic Wings. 

Over all, I think we partly lost the challenge for April. I would really love to come back to try out their best selling Garlic Parmesan wings and I still have high hopes for this establishment. I just wish they improve their service because it sucks big time especially during lunch or dinner hours. They have very affordable wings for me because the price does not really go far from the other wings that we've tried but their wings are not the best for me. Let's wait when I get my hands on their Garlic Parmesan Wings. 'Til next time! We had Chinese Cuisine up next!

Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I love chicken wings!! Preferably boneless ones to make life easier... Ugh this place looks super good and their Hickory BBQ flavored wings sound so mouthwatering - in my mind at least haha. Definitely hungry again despite just having lunch xD

    cabin twenty-four

    1. I'd like to have the boneless ones too!! But I haven't really found a restaurant that sells boneless chicken wings haha. Yeah I wish I had taken a photo of the Hickory BBQ flavored wings but my sister already ate most of it haha.

  2. I just realized that I haven't been to any chicken wings resto yet! Lol should try out that soon. That place is quite similar to a restaurant here in Cebu too, which I haven't tried yet, Burrows. It's an unli buffalo chicken wings resto. They say it's very good too. Hehe :)

    Bia S. | Road by Bia

    1. Wow! I haven't tried having unli wings for lunch or dinner but that would be great! I'll wait for your post if ever you visit there. ;)

  3. I've been seeing Frankie's over my Facebook, IG, and Twitter feed now. I must try 'em even though hindi naman ako mahilig sa wings. Affordable naman so not bad to try it, hehe.

    1. Yes medyo sikat sila kasi mura and okay naman yung lasa nya. :) Not the best wings for me though. Pero sa price, worth it naman. :)

  4. This looks interesting, but too far for me! Our favorite wings place is Yuan's Wings in Mandaluyong :)

    1. Hi Teesh! Madami silang branches. Siguro meron din na malapit sa inyo or magkakaroon din hihi. Oh I haven't heard of that, pero siguro pag meron ding malapit samin ttry ko yan. :D

  5. Frankie's is one of the most popular chicken wing restaurant in Manila! I only tried eating in Frankie's once. I forgot what we ordered, but I loved it! We went to Frankie's in City Golf Plaza. It was crowded! I couldn't stand the noise inside so we decided to stay outside the restaurant.

  6. Chicken wings!!! My happiness! This looks really good! ♥♥♥