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Right after visiting Pinto Art Museum, we headed to my favorite foodpark in Marikina for our March #12Months12Cuisines Challenge. We tried a cuisine very far from our favorites this time. It's both our first time to try Greek cuisine through Zorpas Greek Food in Crave Park. Since Greek cuisine is new to us, I won't be able to tell you guys if what we've tried is a legit one. I'll just base this review on my own judgment and just describe to you guys what the food tasted. 
We really had a hard time choosing what to order due to lack of knowledge of what Greek food tastes like. To enlighten us a bit, I asked the Zorpas crew what they would recommend and this is what we ordered: Chicken Gyro and Sheftalia. Their food is pretty hard to pronounce tbh. Chicken Gyro is pronounced as Chicken "Yi-ro" which sounded weird to me when the owner corrected me but I guess Greeks have their own way of pronouncing their alphabet just like the Polish. 
Chicken Gyro with Rice(149Php)

I ordered the Chicken Gyro while Chad took Sheftalia. I have got to be really honest with what I tasted and I'm sorry to say this but, I didn't like it. I found the chicken to be bland. The dip didn't help either. It doesn't go with the chicken. I tried dipping the chicken to the B. Wings dip we bought from the other stall and I guess it tasted better for me. Good thing is that I think it's cooked healthily. No fats. Just chicken meat. Which is maybe why it tasted bland. No crispy chicken skin for my taste buds huhu,. I love the string potatoes though. They are crispy and well seasoned. They have to either season the chicken very well or change the dip.

Sheftalia with Rice(129Php)
Sheftalia however, tastes very flavorful. Too flavorful that my taste buds became intimidated. The dish is like a Longganisa version of the Greeks. It's composed of pork but unlike ours, the taste is different. Plus the dip is only spicy ketchup which kind of disappointed me. I think the Chicken Gyro dip is better here to lessen the flavors. We were not able to finish this one because the flavors are just too much to our liking. Nakakaumay sya. 

I was really hesitating if I should write about this or not. But I realized that this is not ruining a business, rather it's a constructive criticism for Zorpas to improve their dishes. So okay, this is the first from our challenge that we felt defeated. I have no expectations whatsoever when we tried this one but I just don't like how the food tasted. And because of that, I don't think it's worth the price we paid. If you know a Greek place that serves better food, drop it on the comments box pretty please? I would really love to give Greek Cuisine another try. Thanks and happy Sunday everyone! :)

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GREEK FOOD. This photo has me drooling right now :O

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Hi Eena! How I wish I could say the same huhu. What's your favorite Greek food? :)

  2. Ooooh so that's how it's pronounced pala! There's a resto in SM North kasi called "Gyro" and I pronounce it in my head as 'Jay-ro' or 'Gai-ro'. Hahaha. I haven't tried legit Greek cuisine as far as I can remember but least I'll know how to pronounce once I try them out next time.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Pareho tayo Da! Hahaha. With confidence pa ko nung sinabi ko yung Chicken 'Gai-ro' tapos kinorrect ang lola mo hahaha. Ooh may greek resto pala sa SM North. Isa lang alam ko na Greek resto eh. Yung Cibo sa Gateway. Yun tingin ko legit pero mahal haha.