Anawangin Camping Guide

by - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Summer's here guys! Do you have plans on how to spend this more than 60 days of fine hot weather? If not, then I have just a perfect spot for you and your friends to bond this summer. Hint: It includes saying goodbye to signal coverage and social media but saying hello to nature and adventure!

Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove are two of the most visited camp sites in Zambales. And last year, we decided to visit the latter just to get our minds off work for sometime. When I posted something about Capones Island recently, one of you guys mentioned(Hi Karen!) that she will need some tips on how to prepare for a camping trip. So her question hatched into this post haha. Here are some of the things you should know when you go camping in Anawangin:


Ride a Victory Liner Bus bound to Iba, Zambales then on the counter tell the cashier that you'll be dropping off at San Antonio.(The fare that we paid last year is P275). Alternatively, you can ride a Victory Liner bus bound to Olongapo then ride a regular bus off to San Antonio. Then from there, you need to ride a tricycle to get to Pundaquit Beach which cost us 30 pesos per person. From Pundaquit Beach, you will need to rent a boat to get to Anawangin Cove. We availed a package from my friend's contact so I won't be able to tell you how much it costs if you'll rent a boat on your own.


Water is cold and refreshing at that part where those people sat (c) Ken

Our package consisted of the following:

  • Boat transfers from Pundaquit Beach to Anawangin Cove and vice versa plus sidetrips to Capones and Camara Island.
  • Tent
  • 5 gallons of water
  • 1 block of ice
  • basic kitchen utensils(pots, spatula, knife etc.)
  • Anawangin Entrance fee
All of these cost us 2200 pesos for 4 pax which will cost each of us around 550 pesos each. If you want to avail this package you may contact ate Olive here: 09065156823


The river inside Anawangin dries out at night. 

Camping in the summer heat can be kind of draining especially that you're literally under the sun and you have no appropriate shelter to spare you from getting a heat stroke. To help you beat the heat and hassle while camping in Anawangin, here are the things you need to include when you pack:

  • sunblock
  • portable fan(sobrang init dun Bes! Magdala ka nito hindi ka magsisisi promise!)
  • mosquito repellent 
  • powerbank
  • anti-boredom stuff during the times the sun is in full blast(cards, gadgets, movies, the works!)
  • cooler to keep all your refreshments cold and your food from spoiling(we left a raw chicken and ready to cook sisig in the cooler overnight and they did not spoil!)
  • lots and lots of ice!
  • flashlight
  • kitchen utensils(if you won't be availing any package)
  • portable gas stove(if you have any. This can lessen your effort in building a fire. Really works!)
  • lighter
  • travel bag with a hook(where you can keep your toiletries dahil hindi unlimited yung sabitan sa comfort room)


Where to setup your tent

Woke up to this view <3
There are two camp sites in Anawangin where you can setup your tent. One is near the beach but far from the comfort rooms while the other is far from the beach but a few steps from the comfort room. So it's just a matter of priorities. If you want to wake up with a cool view of the beach like the one below, then choose to camp near the beach. Also, the advantage of camping near the beach is that you can somehow get a glimpse of your things while swimming. But if unlimited water resource is what you needed more then choose to camp in the inner site of Anawangin. 

When to do the island hopping sidetrips

Capones Island
The package included two island side trips but we were only able to visit one(Capones Island). Why? It's because the waves turned harsh and we are not advised to proceed to Camara Island. We are offered to do the side trip on our first day because the weather is great that time. But we opted to do it the next day. And yeah the weather became bipolar and it started to rain. So if you want to visit every island you could, then choose the right day to do the sidetrips or better yet do it already when the weather is fine. 


What. A. View
Create a list of resources to buy in the market and make sure to buy everything you need before you set off to the island. 
On your way to Anawangin, the bus will drop you off at San Antonio Municipal Hall. Behind it is a market where you can buy all the resources you needed. There are also convenience stores around the area.

Prepare to be uncomfortable

Comfort rooms in Anawangin are not really that comfortable as compared to what we have in our respective homes so don't expect a lot when you're going to take a bath or nature calls. Since you guys will be camping, expect all kinds of discomforts.

Prepare to be cut off from communication

I did not really believe that there won't be a slightest touch of signal in Anawangin until we got off the boat and my phone became nothing but a camera and a movie player. But in point of view, this is a really great way of spending a vacation because you're also cut off from unnecessary work.

Missing the island food life <3
Ready- or Easy-to-cook meals are your bestfriends
None of us cook so well. So just to save us from the hassle of cooking and starvation, we bought ready-to-cook meals like Sisig! Yes! There's a ready-to-cook sisig available in groceries nationwide! We also bought raw meat and condiments in San Antonio market for Adobo. Cook only meals that won't spoil easily.  Our Adobo didn't turn out to be delicious LOL. But we salvaged it into barbecue which tasted even better haha. 

Go with someone who knows how to camp

This is one of the most important tip I could really give you guys. If you want a hassle free camping experience, be with someone who knows how to setup the tent, build a campfire, is not maarte, and above all, knows how to COOK! 

Make sure you've made all things clear with your boatman

Since you will be cut off from any means of coomunication, you will need to set a time for when the boatman will fetch you to get off the island. So be clear and just wait and have faith that he remembers to fetch you. LOL.

Golden Anawangin Cove during Sunrise. I bet it's even better during Sunsets
Never forget to see the cove on top of Mt. Anawangin
Wake up early and you'll see the sun rising from the east. The golden rays of the sun made the view of the cove a hundred times amazing. The hike is just around 20 minutes and you won't be needing a guide to go there. 


You just need to reverse the process of how to go to Anawangin. However, from San Antonio Market, getting a decent seat in a VLiner bus could be difficult because the bus came from Iba so if that happens, you may ride a regular bus off to VLiner Olongapo Terminal then take a bus off to Cubao from there. 

Note: All expenses here are as of last year, April 2016. Expect the prices to go a bit higher. :)

Go try camping and live a life outside the Internet! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did. ;)

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  1. WOW. I wouldn't mind waking up to that view every dang day!! Also, island food life is the best life. Miss eating food on banana leaves with my hands! Yan ang best way kumain!!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Me too! I kind of miss it actually. Waking up at around 6 am to find yourself in paradise. <3 True!! Gustong gusto kong kumakain sa banana leaves! Do you still do that abroad Eena? :)

    2. I have tried it several times but it's usually when we visit a relative's house. Maybe I should get my cooking skills on point and open a restaurant with that theme here in California xD

  2. beautiful place! we really need that escape from busy life sometimes.

    1. Yes. I think I really need it right now. :) Thank you!

  3. Those are enticing foods by the way! itlog na pula sold this post! Thanks to your blog too, we were planning to go to anawangin but got no pretty much idea about the place. This covers everything's needed to know about anawangin!

    First time here!

    1. Hahahaha! Yeah nung nakita ko yun picture na yun sa gallery ng phone ko namiss ko magAnawangin. Aww. Thanks so much Steve. :) I'm glad this guide is helpful to you. And thanks for dropping by! :D

  4. Great photos! Thanks for the tips <3

    Claire -

  5. This is one of the places I want to visit. Accessible kasi, since bus ride lang. Pero laging nasa bottom list of priority ni jowa kasi malapit lang daw yan sakanila so mas madaling puntahan. Dun daw muna kami sa malayo. Ewan ko ba hahaha pero this year sana ma-push namin yan! Hehe

    1. Haha ayaw pala sa malapit. Pero eto yung isa sa favorite travel spots ko. Super nakakrelax kasi. Go push nyo yan Mei! :)

  6. I haven't tried camping yet, but we will be going next weekend in Fortune Island in Batangas so I'm pretty excited to experience it. Hehe, though sabi ng Ate ko na mahirap yung comfort room like sa Anawangin siguro. Plus we're just going to sleep in a tent (camping nga kasi diba hahaha). Pag may lakas ng loob na ko, Anawangin naman try namin. :-) Thank you for this!

    1. Hi Dianne! First camping experience ko yan pero di naman ako sobrang na out of comfort zone. Siguro yung sa CR lang talaga issue haha. Dala ka nalang ng flashlight and sabitan just in case.;) Tsaka portable fan para kung mainit sa gabi. Kung kaya sleeping bag nadin! Haha. You're welcome. :D

  7. thanks for sharing this, sis... will visit this place on the 28th of May :)

    anyway, I like your blog, wanna follow each other? please let me know. thanks :)


    1. Hi Julie Ann :) Yay! Glad I could help. Enjoy Anawangin <3 Thank you. Sure I'll check your blog. ;)

  8. Thanks for this! Was planning with friends the other day about a possible visit to Anawangin and this just came in time! :)

    xx, Richel V.

  9. Beautiful photos, Angelica!

  10. Looks like a great place to visit for sure!!


    1. Yes! This is one of my favorite places that's near Manila. :)

  11. My uncle once mentioned Anawangin to me and I have been curious since. I love how detailed this post is. It'll surely be of huge help. :)

    1. You should try to explore it Anne! A weekend will suffice. ;) Aww thank you so much Anne. I really appreciate it. :)

  12. This post is really convincing, and I wouldn't mind being able to wake up with such great views. I so love the photos :)

    Lou |

  13. My friends and I are going to Anawangin this June! I stumbled upon this post just in time hehe. Thanks for this super detailed post! <3

    1. Yay! I'm so glad I helped you in any way Pearl. :) Have fun in Anawangin! ;)

  14. Super love the view! Never tried camping in a beach yet. I wouldn't mind waking up with that everyday! Although I think I couldn't help myself being unattached with the internet for a long time. Lol. haha

    Loi x Wanderlaska

    1. Haha! You have no other choice pag andun ka na Loi. Wala talagang signal. xD

  15. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I miss my Iloilo adventure because of this post! I miss the beach and the nature sight seeing! I love all your photos Angelica! The view is beautifully captured! We planned to go to Anawangin last year but we had conflict with schedule so we didn't push through. So much regrets! Thank you for the detailed blog post, this will be very helpful if we decided to visit the place! :)

    Lady Auradelle // Shoot, Eat, Write

    1. Hi LA! Ganyan talaga pag nagstart ka na magtravel. Sobrang mamimiss mo haha. Gala na ulit! :D Thank youuuu sana makapagphotowalk tayo nila xeph soon. :* Awww. You can still push through with it some other time. Mukhang well maintained naman yung place. ;)

  16. No single store in sight once you get to the island?

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Hi Ochi! :) May stores dun pero medyo mahal na yung mga tinda nila kaya better buy everything in town. :)