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by - Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ever since I bought my camera last January, I'm already itching to try it on an outdoor location. Good thing Pinto Art Museum is just an hour away from my hometown, Marikina. So what Chad and I did is to take a leave on a weekday to avoid the crowd, and just go for an adventure to one of the most photogenic museums to boot! Before we set foot there, I researched a lot about the museums: How to go there, what the galleries look like, the most photogenic spots, etc. But even though how much I researched about it, there are still things that I wasn't ready of. So with that, I made this guide for you guys who are planning to visit the museum anytime soon! Hope you'll find this post helpful. ;)

How To Get There

Gallery 6, My Favorite <3
Pinto Art Museum is situated inside a subdivision. Grand Heights Subdivision to be exact. They are open everyday from 9 am to 6 pm except Mondays. For those who will be driving, I guess you can already use gps maps to get here. As for commuters,

From Marikina:
Ride a jeepney bound for Antipolo Simbahan at the jeepney terminal in Marikina Bayan. Drop off at Metro Supermarket where tricycles will be waiting for you. Just tell them you're going to Pinto Art Museum and they'll get you there. 

From Cubao:
You can either take the LRT Line Station 2 bound to Santolan Station then from there, ride an FX or Jeepney off to Antipolo Simbahan or you can already ride a jeepney to Antipolo Simbahan from Cubao. Get off at Ynares Center or Metro Supermarket then ride a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum.


Transportation expenses cost 190 pesos for the two of us. 25 pesos each for the jeepney bound to Antipolo, then another 25 pesos each from Antipolo to Marikina. Then we paid 40 pesos for our tricycle ride to Pinto Art then 50 pesos on the way back (which is weird, but we paid anyways).

Admission fees: 
Adult tickets cost 200 pesos while Senior Citizens would pay 180 pesos. But students with VALID IDs would only pay 100 pesos. Children below three years old are free of charge. 

Rules and Guidelines

Most Photogenic stairs ever!
For you guys to enjoy staying at Pinto Art Museum without being thrown out, please abide by the following rules and guidelines(mostly provided by Pinto Art Museum admin):
  • Backpacks are not allowed inside galleries. But small bags like pouches or shoulder bags can be brought inside. 
  • Touching or leaning on the artworks are prohibited.
  • Persons with disability are requested to seek assistance from their Museum staff to access the Museum PWD entrance.
  • No flash photography is allowed inside the museum.
  • No video shoot allowed inside galleries.
  • Food and drinks cannot be brought inside the galleries.
  • No smoking
  • No pets allowed.
  • No dress code is implemented.


Pinto Cafe

Cafe Rizal
Aside from roaming around the galleries and taking pictures of the exhibits, Pinto Art Museum also has cafes inside: Pinto Cafe and Cafe Rizal. The museum has an area of 1.3 hectares composing of 6 galleries and sprawling gardens. Walking around would really make you thirsty or hungry so if you still have budget, you can dine in those 2 cafes. Cafe Rizal is a bit expensive though. But their Watermelon Shake is very refreshing and delicious. You can also have yourself tattooed. There's a tattoo shop at the Museum of Indegenous Art. Comfort Rooms are also strategically placed at different areas plus, their clean. 

How to Make the Most of the Pinto Art Museum Experience

Chad and I really enjoyed every minute of our experience inside this huge museum. We took lots of photos and walked about 4000 steps but it is worth it. To make the most of the Pinto Art Museum experience, here's some of my tips:
  • Go there early and on a weekday. We arrived at Pinto Art at around 2 pm on a Friday and there's not much people so we were able to take lots of photos of us and the gallery without photobombers. It took us 3 hours to visit all of the galleries and an hour to cool down at Cafe Rizal. The museum closes at 6 pm so be sure to alot time to roam around.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The museum is an open area and a huge garden with Santorini-like buildings housing the galleries. You will be walking all day and oftentimes, the weather is hot so wear something you won't get all sweaty and wear shoes fit for walking so you won't get blisters. 
  • Bring water. Though it will be left on the baggage counter, you can always retrieve it when you get thirsty.
Tripod, the greatest invention that day!
  • Bring a tripod and charge your batteries. There's a lot to see inside the museum! Make sure your gadgets are ready for taking lots of photos. Bringing a tripod is also very convenient. We won't be able to get our couple shots without it. 
  • Wait for the sunset. The most beautiful sunset I've seen my whole life is from the view deck of Pinto Art Museum with the view if skyscrapers and trees.  Be sure to not miss it. 

Sunset, you're so beautiful <3
Have you been to the Pinto Art Museum? Share with me your stories, questions and your own tips on the comment box below so we could share it with others. Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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  1. I love the photos! I've always wanted to visit the Pinto Art Museum. It's really a must-visit, especially for art lovers. Hihi. If only it was just a ride away. I do hope they'll have more museums like this. So clean!

    Loi x Wanderlaska

    1. OMG coming from you na nagustuhan mo yung photos, kinilig ako Loi! Thank you. :* Yeah sana nga lahat ng museums ganito kaganda. Sigurado mas magagandang photos makukuha mo pag ikaw naman nagpunta dito hihi. Happy Sunday Loi!

  2. AAAAHHH the SUNSET!! Which I failed to witness when I visited there. Next time, next time! I'll take note on that! Haha

    1. Hahahaha. Di ko inexpect na ganun pala kaganda ang sunset dun Yesha. Yes!And bring tripod narin haha. ;)

  3. I promised myself that I'll go to this museum with my boyfriend, but we never got the chance yet. But hopefully, soon. Definitely taking note of your tips! And yessss, the sunset looks so lovely! <3

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Plan nyo na Da. Mageenjoy ka promise. :D Thank you. Sana makatulong. ;)

  4. Hi AA!!!

    Ang ganda pag weekday sobrang walang tao! I went before pero Sunday and hay life lang. But boyfriend can't go on a weekday so maybe mga Saturday morning. Do you know what time sila nag oopen? :)

    1. Hi Bea!!:D

      Oo super konti lang tao nung nagpunta kami. Walang daan ng daan pag nagpipicture ka haha. Oo nga sayo ko nga una nalaman to haha. Tapos 2 years ago na ata yun. Yup 9am-6pm sila open. Tas close sila pag Mondays. Yay! Balik kayo ganda ganda sabi nga ni Chad naiwan nya daw puso nya dun. Wala na sakin yung puso nya lels. =))

  5. Aaaah! Been wanting to go here and finally I found an easy "how to commute" guide. I'll make sure to schedule a trip on a weekday para hindi maraming tao. :)

    1. Hi Anne! I'm glad I helped you out through this guide. ;) Can't wait to see how you'll doodle Pinto Art on your post! You have a very creative blog hihi.

  6. I thought this place looked familiar. I saw those white stair cases from a friend's Instagram feed. I didn't realize it was in Marikina. It looks really nice and might be a good place to visit when I'm in Manila.

    1. Hi Heidi, the museum is in Antipolo, an hour away from Marikina. :) Yes. If you live in Manila, you'll really find places like these to be gems because it's away from all the pollution and noise.

  7. This place is good for couples! :) Actually you've inspired people to go here with a loved one Haha. Booking this one when I'm planning to go North.

    1. Yes super okay sya for couples na gusto magpictorial! hahahaha. Actually they offer this place as venue sa prenup. Aww thanks Shenna. Yan din yung gusto ko sabihin at the back of this post haha.

  8. I still haven't been to Pinto Art Museum and a visit is a long overdue! I didn't know you can commute to get there!

    1. Punta ka na Teesh! And go on a weekday para solo mo yung galleries hihi. Yes madali lang magcommute papunta. ;)

  9. I visited the place more than a year ago, I believe. It was huge! I didn't expect to see a lot when we went there cos the entrance was a bit small. The galleries and sculptures were amazing, some were a bit disturbing too. The sun was at its peak when we went there, we were all sweating and discomforting. But all in all, it was a pretty nice place and very much instagram-worthy!

    1. We had the same experience Dianne! Haha. Akala ko din di sya ganun kalawak. Tapos nung binigay na samin yung map ang laki pala nung place. Akala ko parang isang malaking bahay lang. Yeah pawis na pawis din kami kasi high noon kami nagsimula maglakad lakad. Buti mga bandang 4:30 medyo lumamig.