The Happy List Vol. 9

by - Sunday, February 19, 2017

I appreciate sunrises more than sunsets. It is for the reason that I'm not really a morning person and I only get to see it seldom times. Moreover, it gives us a brand new reason to live. A way to start over. So when I saw this sun rise in Panglao, Bohol, I knew I had to capture it. For I know, months will pass again without me ever seeing it. Plus, I find the Sun most beautiful when it kisses the ocean's horizon. Like what sunrise makes me feel, my very first Happy List for this year and for this new blog consists of things that I wanted to really start with accompanied by the usuals-but-never-getting-tired of blessings. And this time, I chose to add some photos to make it more memorable tehee. Here's my 9th Happy List:

1. The PolyHobbyist was born!

I've been blogging in Tumblr for almost 6 years when I felt the urge to move to a new blogging platform to further learn about the craft. I first moved to wordpress but then I find the platform too limiting and so I ended up with blogspot. Thanks to Chad's(my number one fan) encouragements and Bea's advice, I purchased my own domain in and never felt happier towards my blogging experience ever since. 

2. Signed up as a Zomato Blogger and Travelbook Affiliate!

3. Bought my DSLR from my own pocket

My Firebolt <3
I've been planning to buy my own camera to study photography ever since I started to work. But it took me 3 years due to my confused prioritizing sh*ts. But when I had the money I needed, it seemed as though I'm the happiest that day when I get the hold of this. And it made me even proud of myself that I'm really starting to choose what really makes me happy. Starting of with this blog and my camera.

4. Rewards from my boss at work! Hooray for GCs!

5. TIP Students' Night

Nakiki-student sa TIP!
My college friends and I went back to our Alma Matter to attend Parokya ni Edgar's concert. My body ached afterwards but being able to be one with the crowd singing lots of hugot and opm songs is all worth it!

6. Amazing Food Park close to home

Most Awesome Foodpark Evaaah!
If you haven't read my previous post, I have this favorite Food Park in Marikina which is just a few minutes from our home. You know what that means? We get to eat wings any time! Woohoo!

7. First(and won't be the last) time to eat Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal Seoul Train Style
I never knew there's such thing as a healthy barbecue dish but such really exists! Not only that, it is inside a train-themed restaurant. I never imagined my first Samgyeopsal experience better than this!

8. Sam's Cute Furballs

Zombies await!
Most of the time, I love dogs more than people. They love you without asking for anything in return. With them, there's less drama and more cuteness. And nothing takes off my stress more than dogs do. I'll be sharing more of their photos on my SHOOT series hihi. I'll have to find out how RAW format works first hihi. Tips anyone please?

9. The Super Kilig, My Ex and Why's Movie

You should not miss this guys! The movie is so beautifuuuuuul and funny. Joross and Ryan Bang FTW! I wish I could also visit Korea with Chad soon. <3

10. 2 years and 6 months with my Everyday <3

The only DAHIL I need <3
Everything that I'm pursuing today won't even be possible without this man's(yes you're  a man already!hihi) help and encouragements. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. That's why I always find myself blessed ever since I've been with him. Thank you for 2.5 years of friendship and love baby. I won't still be here, publishing this post if it weren't for you. :*

So far, my 2017's on the right track. I hope I'll be able to consistently pursue what fulfills me the most for the next days to come. Oh, and you could also read my previous Happy Lists HERE. Have a nice week ahead to you! :)

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  1. Another blogger x baby here! Haha. I enjoy reading other people's happy list. Reminds me that there will always be more reasons to be happy. Have a great week ahead, Angelica!

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Hi Da! Most of the bloggers I know(including you) had their domain from so I guess we're sisters!*heart* *heart* Me too. Making and reading Happy Lists really made me feel more positive. Have a great week to you too! I'll check your happy lists din. ;)

  2. You're from TIP QC? I'm a graduating student there! I was there also during Students' Night. Glad you enjoyed it. :-) Hello, new found blog! Hehe.

    1. OMG small woooorld dianne!!! Yes. I graduated last March 2014. :) I wish I have met you earlier then I could have met you personally during the concert. Yes we enjoyed a lot. All the bands were great! Thank you. And welcome to my blog feed too. ^_^

  3. Congrats on your DSLR! :)


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  5. Ahhh, I can still remember buying my first ever DSLR when I started working too! It lefta big dent on my savings but the feeling was just fulfilling! 6 years after and that DSLR is still with me. Can't afford to sell it! Haha I learned everything I know about photography with that camera. Hope you'll have the same pleasant experience with yours! <3

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Yeah it left a big dent on me too Ochi haha. Really expensive but I know, very much worth it. I think I'm gonna be having same sentiments as yours. Can you give me some tips for starters? Thank you so much. I like your blog already! I saw lots of food! :) <3

    2. I'm obsessed with food! Haha The only tip I've gone for ever since, always go for manual! If you're also looking into getting your first prime, I highly recommend the 50mm or 30mm! Yay to more bokehlicious food photos!

    3. Thanks for the tip Ochi! I'm still learning how to shoot in manual and so far it's been fun!:) I guess I have to save up for a prime lens now. I love bokeeehsss

  6. Yessss love that new DSLR feeling. Congrats on the blog too!

  7. OMG, how cute are those puppies? :o

    1. Super cute Alissa! They are the cutest ones we ever had so far. <3

  8. Congrats on the blog, camera and your achievements. <3

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit