On Board the SEOUL TRAIN!

by - Sunday, February 05, 2017

If there's something that I'm quite hesitant to try despite being a self-proclaimed food lover, it is to eat a completely different cuisine. For the record, I never tried Korean before thinking that their taste buds have a higher level of tolerance when it comes to all things spicy. But when I saw this unique place of what it seems to me like a "Train to Busan"-inspired restaurant in Facebook, I began to think twice. Then I saw that it is a Korean BARBECUE restaurant. That keyword really spoke a lot to me. And I knew I had to drag Chad into eating Samgyeopsal which he ecstatically accepted. What happens next? We got a reservation for two after a few days!

Overloaded Mural Cuteness!
Brace yourselves K-pop, Korean Drama fans and food lovers alike! The coolest and newest Korean Barbecue place has finally arrived! Aaaand just a fair warning, this is a photo heavy post. Aaaaand you might just get your samgyeopsal cravings working. *wink* *wink*

This train won't leave you, unlike your ex :P
At first, I thought that this may be inspired out of Train to Busan but when I read the other reviews, this concept came from the owners' love for travel and barbecue. Finding this place won't be a hassle as this protruding train is very visible to everyone.

Must Knows

  • Seoul Train is located at 28 Sergeant Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
  • I highly recommend to get a reservation instead of walk-ins because the seats are very limited(There are only 6 tables available on the main dining area). You can contact them through facebook or via landline: 02 2872446 for a reservation.
  • They're open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5:30 pm to 10 pm
  • There's somehow like a minimum order when you dine there. You should get either one of their premium meats which costs around 800 to more than 1000 pesos or order two of their barbecue meals.
  • Budget for 2 is a minimum of 1200 pesos when you have such a hungry tummy,
  • Dining time is limited due to other reservations but I think the time they gave us is enough for us to enjoy the food
  • They have a VIP room which you can get for P3000/table on weekdays and P5000/table on weekends.

The Train and the Station

I won't mind waiting here as long as I get those toys!

I really admire how consistent this restaurant is when it comes to their theme. From the sound of a choo-choo train to the K-pop music videos being played on a screen in the dining area. This place is too cute not to be noticed! They even have toy vending machines and toy cranes which I guess is for the people in the waiting area.

Despite being a small restaurant, I found it to be spacious. I can move freely. Even when the dining area is full, I still feel comfortable. You don't even need to worry about smelling like barbecue when eating because they have an exhaust on top of every grill. 

Dinner on board the Seoul Train

The Ultimate Samgyeopsal Experience
And the most important part of this post, foooooood! Seoul Train offers a lot of Korean dishes including the popular Bibimbap, Japchae and of course! Samgyeopsal. But it being a barbecue place, they require you to avail their korean barbecue dishes. We ordered, Woo Samgyup, Samgyeopsal, and Kimchi Bokkeumbap(Kimchi Fried Rice).

I must say, they have the best service quality I ever had. They even cooked the barbecue for us which is an advantage for me because I can snap photos without worrying that our meat may get burnt. They are also very approachable and attentive.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap (P260.00)
I've known Kimchi ever since I started to watch Korean Dramas. I even remember Gu Jun Pyo munching Kimchi in Boys over the Flowers so I thought maybe Kimchi is delicious. Until the time I got to try it in a Korean noodle restaurant to which I really didn't like the taste. But Seoul Train's Kimchi Bokkeumbap or Kimchi Fried Rice is a completely different story. It is served in a sizzling bowl with a sunny side up on top. I really liked the right amount of spice it has. It is amply seasoned and the serving is just right to be shared by me and Chad. I even ate it with our barbecue and they blended well on my tastebuds.

Woo Samgyup(P400.00) and Samgyeopsal(P350.00)
Lettuce and Sides
As for our meat, we had thin(Woo Samgyup) and thick slices which we used for our Samgyeopsal. Just note that this is not unlimited so that's really all that we had plus a refill of lettuce. I liked the thin slices more because the thick one combined with the other dressings won't fit into my mouth. And I'm just surprised that I loved adding Kimchi to my Samgyeopsal.  They also have special sauces where you can dip the meat which add a different kind of taste to your Samgyeopsal. It's a good thing for me that the sides are not that spicy. You can add chilli on your samgyeopsal if you want a spicy one.

Seoul Train gave me a very good impression of authentic Korean dishes. There's none that I didn't like during our dining experience. From the meat to the sides, the quality is A+! And just like what Chad and I both said the moment we leave this establishment, we will always come back here every time we crave for Samgyeopsal. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Plus I'll be making a video of this for my latest blog project! Enjoy the rest of the photos! ;)

Using chopsticks is quite a challenge -.-

Snippet of the VIP Room
Cutee murals everywhere!

Ate Gurl will always be waiting for Super Junior at the girl's restroom :))

Seoul Train Korean Barbecue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I've heard so much about this place! It's very close to where I work so hopefully I could try this some time soon.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Hi DA! San ka nagwowork? Yes try mo siya. Masarap yung food and maganda service nila dun. :)

    2. Around Timog/Morato area lang ako. Hehe

    3. Anlapit mo lang nga gurl! Lucky you! Haha. Share mo din experience mo next time. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did Da! :)

  2. This place is so cute! But unfortunately, I'm not a fan of places where there's a required order. Haha!

    1. Haha! Yeah that one really surprised me. But one meal is really not enough for (sharing)me and my boyfriend so we had three meals haha. :)) So I guess going alone there does not count.

  3. The place is really cute!!!! I would visit this place right away if there's something like that here in Davao. Hihi. I'm not a huge fan of Korean food yet so I'm dying to try a Korean restaurant!

    Loi x Wanderlaska

    1. I'm not a fan of Korean food too Loi. But I watch K-dramas LOL haha. But I must say, samgyeopsal is quite delicious! And I guess healthier than our Filipino version of barbecue. Hope they'll open one on Davao for you to try!:D Or you could come see Manila hihi.

  4. OMG!!!! I first saw this on Facebook but never thought it will be this colorful and lively atmosphere. It's sad that walk-ins can't get to eat but good thing I read your blog. Now, I just have to make a reservation! I'm hungry right now! I wish to see my bias group when I go there lol

    All the best!
    JeaniebeansPH Diary | Why I'm giving up my domain!

    1. Hi there Jeanie!:) well when we went there, there were walk-ins but they would really have to wait so better get a reservation. They are not difficult to contact. You can get a reservation through messaging them in Facebook. ;) Haha I hope you'll get to try this soon! Super satisfying yung experience lalo na sa Korean lovers.

  5. Wow, this place looks amazing! Something I would definitely visit if I lived there! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Philippines has lots of cute restaurants like this one Leta! You should really visit here. :D

  6. OMG that place is cute! Parang napaka-energetic ng vibe. Hope they'll open a branch here so that we could try it as well!

    Bia S | RoadByBia

    1. Thanks Bia! I hope so too so we could all enjoy their Samgyeopsal!;)