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by - Sunday, February 12, 2017

2016 had been a year for one of the greatest food innovation yet, Food Parks. I've been to most of them in Quezon City and Marikina. To name a few, I've been to Maginhawa Food Park, The Yard, Marikina Eat Street, The Truck Park, and Crave Park. While I've been to most of them once, there's only one food park that I've been to FOUR TIMES up to this date. And that my friends and fellow food lovers, is what I'm sharing with you. My love for cravings and Crave Park.

One of the large murals outside Crave Park 
Crave Park is the first of its kind to offer not just quality and diverse food choices, but also appreciation with art. This food park showcases murals created by locals located at different parts of Crave Park. And mind you, you need not worry anymore even if this place gets crowded during weekends because the hype already slowed down and you can already find your seats in a few minutes. Here are some of the things you should know about Crave Park:

Must Know's
Crave Park just offers al fresco dining but the place is well-ventilated so you won't feel all sweaty while indulging with your favorites. Yes Crave Park may have offered something new that others don't have, but the main reason why we kept coming is not mainly because of the ambiance, it's FOOD. And with that, let me share you what we always crave in this establishment that kept us one of their loyal customers:

Chicken and Pesto from FLAT BREAD

Chicken and Pesto (P90)
Rating: 7.5/10
You may have thought that Chicken and Pesto can only be a pasta variety but Flat Bread offers them in a different kind of carbohydrate. It may be oily from the looks of it but the it is very delicious I didn't find it unhealthy at all. The pesto flavor kicks in giving it a whole new taste level while the chicken and bread keeps things in balance. They offer this in solo and sharing sizes. They also have other unique flavors like S'mores flat bread for those who like something sweet.

Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo Wings from KM128

Garlic Parmesan Wings (P185)

Buffalo Wings (P185)
Rating: 10/10!!!!
This is what Chad and I mostly crave for. Every time we wanted to eat wings, we head back to Crave Park for these babies. Our favorite flavor would always be Garlic Parmesan. The garlic flavor is not that strong it just blends with the cheese. I just wish they'll have a special dip for it. Their Buffalo Wings have one though. It's not too spicy. I think the spiciness is bearable so I also recommend this one. Their wings are also crispy and juicy(chickenjoy! char) and they come with eating gloves so we won't mind to get our hands on our wings. 

The Archipelago's Ilocano Rice

Ilocano Rice (P215)
Rating: 10/10
If you don't mind eating too much carbs or you're just very hungry at the moment, then The Archipelago by Barrio Fiesta offers one of those that will get you very full afterwards. Their bestselling Ilocano Rice is really one for the books! It showcases most of the well known Ilocano dishes. It is comprised of Bagnet, salted egg, tomatoes, onions, and rice topped with Longganisa bits! Yep you may have your BP's checked after this one but it is very much worth it for its price.

Kwatro Cubanos' Classic Cubano

Classic Cubano (P185)
Rating: 8/10
I'll be honest. The main reason why we ordered this one is because of its TWISTER FRIES LOL. But then, the sandwich didn't disappoint. Classic Cubano is like a ham and cheese sandwich but the difference would be its gooey-ness. I love that they've put just the right amount of cheese for us to enjoy. It is also served fresh and hot. I just wish they'll be more generous too with the twister fries hoho.

Kawaii Kitchen's Pork Katsu Curry

Pork Katsu Curry (P215)
Rating: 8/10
Another Carbs loading made its way! We just tried this yesterday. I'm a bit disappointed with the presentation though because that's not what I saw in the other reviews. Kawaii Kitchen serves kawaii-ly garnished dishes from what I've read and to be honest, this is far from the impression their name made. Surprisingly, this tastes good! For its price, the quality of their katsu did not disappoint. It is crispy and well cooked. The breading is also not too thick and pork is well seasoned. To add up, putting the curry sauce on top adds more flavor. The one that really had me forgetting about their presentation. They should add more curry sauce though. It's not in proportion with the katsu. 

Update!! 2017!!

Mango Graham Bingsu from Bingsheep

Mango Graham! Yum!(P149)
Rating: 9/10
Dining won't be complete without a dessert of course! Now with the invasion of all things Korean in the Philippines, this one is my favorite! The ice melts easily inside my mouth and it's sooo creamy. The mango is also sweet and there are lots of it! It was hot that time and trying this out is so refreshing. 

Before this post gets more lengthy, I'll just add some more crave-worthy dishes you could try at Crave Park, hope to see you there! And for the record, this is not a sponsored post. ;)

Tempura from Tokyo Tempura! They also serve unlimited Tempura for you to try.:D Rating: 7.5/10

Quenchers' Milo Dinosaur Shake. They also serve Lemonade in buckets for large groups! Rating: 6/10

Four Cheese from Dabs and Popcorn for the cheese-y peeps! Rating: 6/10

Fix your burger cravings with Hunger Buster's Dying Burger (P155) Rating: 7.5/10

Chicken Sandwich from Pulled Meat Bar Rating: 8.5/10

Kebab Platter from Uncle Moe's Shawarma Rating: 7/10

I really enjoyed doing this post. And it got me hungry again also lels. We also did a 800-peso challenge in Crave Park! You can read about it here:

We'll try something Greek in Crave Park next time. Have you been here too? I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments box! Share with me your favorites and I'll try it out! *high five*

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  1. I've been craving for the buffalo wings since January! I literally ate wings every week. Haha. I've never been to any food parks in QC nor Marikina. Never been to Maginhawa as well! South person here. Hahaha. Hopefully I'll get to visit those places.

    1. Haha! Me too Karen! I can't get enough of buffalo wings that there is hardly a month that I don't crave for it. Aww. Well food parks are everywhere nowadays I know you'll find one that sells wings. :D Or if you'll be able to go to Marikina, I'll be glad to take you here hihi. <3

  2. Hi AA!! YAY may own domain ka na!

    Crave Park ata yung first food park sa Gil Fernando and it is also the first one na natry namin and I agree with you. Bet ko rin experience ko here. I've tried yung Archipelago and Flat Bread and bes, wala akong reklamo! haha! Maybe I'll go back again someday, try ko naman yung wings since favorite niyo! :)

    1. Beaaaaa!! Oo after mo isuggest bumili agad ako HAHAHAHA.

      Eto din yung first na natry namin. Simula nun dumadalaw nalang si Chad samin para kumain dito. -.- Char! Hahahaha. Yup try nyo sya sana magustuhan nyo din. Tapos may mga bands na din minsan tsaka bagong stalls. More reasons to come back! :D