Canyoneering Survival Tips

by - Saturday, January 28, 2017

When I started traveling, I knew I already signed up for activities that will challenge my physical and emotional strength. I also knew that I would face my fears anytime of the day. So when we booked a flight to Cebu, I am already aware of what's in store for us. Twelve letters - Canyoneering. The hype is real as this extreme adventure started roaming around social media and spreading like wildfire. Every adventure seeker would want to try it out eager to feel the adrenaline rush this activity offers. It is an extreme trekking activity but what will await every struggle is very much worth it. The hidden gem in the forest, the beautiful Kawasan Falls

We'll be trekking down at this point
But I know I had to prepare for it. I watched some of them do it. It will not be easy. I'm clumsy. And I'm not a good swimmer. Heck I don't even know if I could jump several feet above the water. A few months before our trip, I tried cliff jumping in Pangasinan just to see if I could do it since that's what I've been seeing in all the videos that I watched regarding Canyoneering. I did it. I thought that was what it would all be about. I just need to jump then I would enjoy the water afterwards. That would be it. But man, was I so wrooooong!

So I made this post for every guy and girl who wanted to try Canyoneering but was not sure what will welcome them.  Here's how I survived Canyoneering:

Go for a Local Guide

You will have to sign up first here before starting the adventure :D
There are different entry points in South Cebu where you can start the activity. As for us, we started our adventure in Badian. Go for someone who knows the place by heart. Also make sure that he's undergone proper training. There's a higher probability that no accidents will occur. Most of the news that I've heard regarding accidents was due to incapability of the guide to handle groups or the guide is not a local.

Prepare for long walks

Off to the starting point!
This is something that I didn't saw coming. I didn't know we had to hike for 30-50 minutes before we get to the stream.Good thing mineral water and umbrellas were included in the package. 

Thank God for umbrellas

Wear comfortable but appropriate shoes(and also your safety gears!)

I wore the neon green one xD
Our package includes rental for safety gears and shoes. But if you can bring your own, that's better. I wore one of those shoes and though it was comfy at first, I had blisters after hours of trekking. Don't wear slippers. It will not only be taken away by the current, but it would also risk yourself of accidents.

Clumsy is not an option

The Great Outdoors
This is not a very safe place. You can slip on rocks anytime. You can outbalance yourself. You can go with the flow of strong current and bump yourself on rocks along the way. So try not to unleash your inner clumsiness. Take very serious precaution. In every step, make sure that what you're stepping on is a safe spot. Follow the saying, "It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop." Something like that. ;)

Accept all the help you can get

Keeeeep Holding Ooooon, 'Cause you know we'll make it through
Your guides are there not only to show you the way, but to also assist you in every way possible. Don't reject their offer. If you always want to be safe, listen to them and have a tight grip on their hand when crossing strong current or climbing up and down.

Just staaaay strooooong. 'Cause you know I'm here for you
Also do hold on railings or any thing with strong foundation when you're getting outbalanced.

Empty your mind before you jump

Trying to empty my mind because I almost panicked! That's a 20-feet jump!
This is always what I do when it's time to jump. Always try to empty your mind of possibilities that could happen when you jump. Overthinking can make you lose your balance and you could fall at the wrong spot. Concentrate and believe in what your guide says. Note that there are mandatory and optional jumps. Don't do the run and jump thing if you're very hesitant. 

The current is not friendly at times

Just starting and it already gets interesting
Going with the flow does not apply here at times. Especially at strong currents. Always assure that you're prepared when you have to face it. Hold on to anyone that can try to balance you. 

Enjoy every success

Choo! Chooo! Water train coming!
The feeling is very different when you've overcome one obstacle. It lifts the spirit and it makes you more confident to face the next one. So just take it one step at a time and enjoy every minute of it.

Food will always be on the way

Thank God for hotdogs <3
I mean literally on the way. You'll find food stalls along the way. So when you got hungry and it's just halfway through, you can always stop and take a break. I really enjoyed that spot. Luckily our guide has money and we're able to borrow from him.

Never give up

I almost gave up trying not to be carried away by the current here
When you're having second thoughts in doing this, make sure to decide early on. And not when you're already far from the starting point. Once you start to do it, there's no turning back. So you're only option is to push forward and take it one obstacle at a time. When you feel like the current is already pushing you too hard and your grip is becoming weak, never give up. Words of encouragement really helps at this point. 

Peace out ya'll!
And that's it! Most of the things that I did to stay alive while we're at it. I suggest you guys really try this one out but always take precautionary measures. Have you tried this one too? Share me your experiences in the comment box below! ;)

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  1. This looks really fun and I wanna try it too. But I don't think I'm fit to do that! Hahaha. I'm really scared of heights, much more if it's water-related. Haha lol. I hope I could overcome that soon.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Yes it's really fun! But very challenging too. Be sure you've prepared yourself of everything before you do this so you won't be having second thoughts when you're already there. Looking forward to you trying this one DA! :D

  2. This post is perfect! I'll be going to Cebu on the 25th, and the only thing that worries me the most is this. CANYONEERING. The fact that I am REQUIRED to jump off the cliff.. I'm not sure if I want to do it. Hahaha. Anyway, I still can't wait to see what will happen to me. I can't wait to share my experience!

    1. Hi Karen! Pareho tayo haha. This really worried me but I know you'll be able to do it. Just always be careful. May mga required jumps pero mababa lang. Yung mga optional yung matataas. Good luck on your adventure girl!:)

  3. Seems like a looooooong adventure!! It looks scary yet fun. I wonder if I'll be able to survive a trip like this haha. I'm really clumsy and coward but I've been meaning to try activities like this. I hope one day my friends and I will be able to have one. :)

    Lyka Chiang

    1. Yes Lyka that's a 3-hour long adventure! And yep, I must agree it's kinda scary at first but you'll get a hold of it eventually ;) I'm clumsy and a bit scared too. But I promise you kaya yan! Basta magiingat lang palagi and listen to your guide. And pray first para may guidance. :)

  4. Hi Ate A! Do you think I'll be able to survive this activity given that madali akong 'hingalin'? The activity looks appealing but I am still considering my health issues. Huhu!

    Xeph | Engineer Xeph

    1. Hi Xeeeeph! Oo naman kayang kaya yan! Ako din mabilis hingalin haha. Dun talaga ko sa mga lakad napagod. Medyo mahaba kasi yung trekking kesa dun sa panahong nasa tubig ka lang. Pero may water naman tsaka pwede kayo magtake ng break somewhere kung medyo napapagod na. Try mo magjogging ng ilang days before mo itry 'to para humaba yung stamina mo. ;)

  5. I enjoyed canyoneering! I have no qualms jumping off short drops/boats in the middle of the sea without a life vest, so jumping from a cliff in a life vest and a helmet didn't worry me. It's more tiring to go in a group though. We had to wait for everyone. The 3-hour trek to Kawasan Falls, turned into 6 hours just because we had 15 people in the group. 10/10 would not recommend!

    1. Me too Teesh! Although I really can't do the above 20 feet jumps. Fear got the better of me. Yes I agree with you. The more people you're with, the longer it is to finish. And you guys are 15??! Man that's too many. We're only 7 and we're all quite adventurous so we finished it earlier than expected.