A Year in Review: 2016

by - Saturday, January 07, 2017

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Happy New Year everyone! And happy new blog to me! For my first ever post in this platform, let me just take a look back on what I have achieved this previous year, 2016. On the very first day of 2016, my planner has a page where I would set my theme for that year. And wanting to travel more, I wrote:


Fast forward to 12 months after, I never knew setting a theme would really make an impact on my year. I just kept traveling and surprisingly, I went to 7 provinces for 2016! Something I never saw coming but I’m happy that I really lived the year of 2016 according to the theme I set. I learned a lot. I discovered something I never knew about myself before. And one of the most precious gifts traveling could give, is the gift of making new friends. So to give back from everything I’ve learned, let me share with you guys where I’ve been the whole year of 2016:


Ready to crash with the waves!

We went to Baler with my first travel squad during the month of March. Baler is a very quiet and peaceful place – the exact opposite of what I experience everyday in Manila. If given the time and money, I would go there once a year for an escape.  The weather is cold there that time and the waves crash hard. I never learned how to swim so surfing was a really terrible idea for me at that time. But wanting to experience something new, I dragged myself to the open water with one of the surfing instructors there. Being able to stand on the surf board while riding the waves even for a few seconds was one of the best memories I had from Baler.

*hearts* for Baler Squad

My first travel squad consisted of me, my sister and her friends. At first, I thought I won’t get along well with them because I’m not really good at socializing. But I was wrong. It’s a different situation when all of the people around you are strangers and they are the only ones you’ve got. You’ll really get along with them more. And I realized, meeting new people is not difficult at all.


Different shades of Blue in Capones Island
A month after our Baler trip, I joined my officemates in an overnight camping trip in Anawangin with a side trip to a beautiful island named Capones Island. Anawangin offers a total escape from life. It lets you stay in a secluded cove with no signal coverage. Away from social media, away from everyone. It’s just you, your friends, and nature. And also some strangers wanting to experience the same.

Nokia Batchmates in Anawangin!
I guess we won’t survive camping if it weren’t for our guy friends who cooked, set up the tent, and built the campfire at night. Just an advice, if you’ll go there during summer, bring portable fans because the temperature gets really hot at noon til afternoon.

The view atop Mt. Anawangin is breathless!


Jumped at Bolinao Falls!

For the month of May, I went to Pangasinan along with college friends. One of my college buddies is generous enough to let us stay in their home in Alaminos for a few days. Pangasinan challenged my fear of heights and water. I survived jumping 15 feet above the water in a cave in Marcos Island and survived another one in Bolinao.  Maybe what scares me that time is not knowing what will await me when I plunge into the water. Turns out the answer is being braver than before.


Love at Paoay Sand Dunes <3

I welcomed the month of June with a journey to Ilocos with my boyfriend Chad, and his friends. We stayed there for five days. It’s a first in our relationship making this trip a very special one personally. Ilocos is a very romantic destination. With all the history, wind mills, beaches, adventures and food it can offer, you’ll fall in love with the place. My favorite is our 4×4 ride experience on the sand dunes. Photo credits to Jonathan

Simala Church

Our trip to Cebu was a year in the making. We booked our flight a year before the trip during a Piso sale and I was excited since then. Cebu is all sorts of adventure. It is a place for all types of travelers. Staying there for 5 days is not enough to experience everything. We only explored the city and southern parts. So I promised I’ll come back to visit the northern part of Cebu.

Awesome Chocolate Hills

Bohol made me go back to my Elementary days. Those days when we’re studying Philippines’ tourist spots and seeing Chocolate Hills in textbooks. Never did I imagine that I’ll see the actual Chocolate Hills.  Well it’s green when we saw them. It turns green when it rains. I also saw a Tarsier in person. I never imagined it to be that small. It is as small as my fist. Bohol’s Panglao is one of the whitest and finest beach I’ve ever seen. And like Cebu, Bohol is rich in history. It is home to one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Cebu-Bohol photo credits to Jhen. :)

Jump Shot at Hogwarts este Simala Church!
Cebu-Bohol Squad
Looking back, I had the best year yet when it comes to creating memories and adventures. This 2017, I made a new theme but I guess traveling will always be a part of my years to come. May we all have a very good year ahead!🙂

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  2. Wow you've been to many places last year and I feel so jealous! Haha. I've been working the entire year so I've never had the chance to file for a long leave but one of my goals this year is to set foot to at least one foreign country. South Korea to be exact! Hihi. *crossed fingers*

    Good luck on your new blog Angelica! :)

    Auradelle // Shoot, Eat, Write

    1. Hi LA! :) I plan to go out of the country this year din! Sana makatravel ka narin super nakakaadik once nastart mo na. :D Go go! May paragliding sa South Korea parang sobrang saya! Good luck on your new and awesome blog too LA! :)

  3. You've been to a lot of places last year! And I especially love your shot at Ilocos. I've only been to Ilocos and Baler from your list but I'm hoping to explore the Philippines more this year! :)

    xx, Richel V. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Hi Richel! Thanks! You should go explore Cebu! Super dami ng pwedeng gawin tsaka masarap magfoodtrip!:D

  4. Wow, ang sarap naman po ng buhay ni engineer! Hahaha. Inggit me, Ate A. I hope this year, I'll have the time (and the money) to travel.

    <a href="www.engineerxeph.com>Xeph</a>

    1. Xeeeeph! Syempre naman pinaghirapan natin yan, dapat masarap na after haha chos. Nako di magtatagal madami narin akong mababasang travel adventures mo. Abangan ko yan! :D

  5. This looks absolutely amazing! I would so love to do this one day!!